Picture 19-wtrmk Lately, I’ve been speaking with many guys into pantyhose and nylons. Not gonna lie, anytime I had to wear them when I was younger, I hated them with a fiery passion. They were always too tight even when I was wearing a correctly sized pair (according to the packaging) and I never understood the point. Wearing nude hose to hide supposed imperfections in my legs for formal events? Seriously, fuck that.

However, now that I’ve found hose that fits that isn’t control top (oh thank you oh dear sweet Jesus), it really isn’t so bad. Especially when it’s a darker pair of hose, I actually start to enjoy the way the hose encase my legs, and how nice it feels when my thighs touch when I walk or when I intentionally rub my legs together. There is that nice, soft swish noise with every step that I take that I’ve started to miss when I’m not wearing them. I wonder just how good it would feel to wear while being fucked, a man’s hands gliding over my nylon-clad hips and thighs as he pounds my tight, wet cunt through a well place section of ripped hose. Definitely something I would LOVE to try now (such a difference with I felt even just a few months ago).

Picture 21-wtrmk

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